What’s the deal with “houses”?

The Houses were formed this year as a way to foster collaboration and community across grades and throughout the school. Each house is made up of a class from each grade level.

House Teams are encouraged to wear their Team Color every Friday! They can dress head to toe in their color or something as simple as a pair of socks in their color.  Points are earned throughout the day for wearing their house color and for making good choices.  Points can also be taken away for poor choices.  There will be a House Winner and that House will earn a surprise.

The houses are:

The Incredibles
House Color- RED
Classes: Shaw, LaBauve, Baker, Hasoon, Keller, Mathis

House of Dory
House Color- Blue
Classes: Santana, Royall, Wise, Branham, Gonzalez, Bhakta, Ms. O

The 7 Yorks
House Color- Light Blue
Classes: Pearce, Staes, Williams, Johnson, Everett, Williams, Zietlow

Epic Epcot
House Color- Purple
Classes: Strickland, Heath, Garlinge, Harris, Turner, Tellez, Mathews

House Color- Lime Green
Classes: Trosclair, Davis, Hovanec, Luksetich, Boyce, Murphy, King

The Avengers
House Color- Orange
Classes: Cruce, Stanley, Cortez, Payne, Zaragoza, Gray, Taylor

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